Raincry Beauty

Raincry Beauty carries an exceptional hair brush product and other haircare accessories . Committed to bringing the very best to the industry, we set the standard of refinement and quality by bringing together world-leading design with cutting-edge technology.

Exceptional craftsmanship. Unmistakable results. Product excellence. That is the RAINCRY promise.


RAINCRY has sourced the world for the finest materials to create products that adhere to the highest quality standards; our choice of materials are based upon quality and performance and we ensure that they are harvested through ethical and environmentally renewable resources.  Services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Marketing Strategy & Marketing Plan Development

  • Media Campaign: Engagement and Traffic

    • Engagement Campaigns and Traffic campaigns with local and national interest targeting

  • Website Redesign:  A beautifully designed eCommerce website; responsive design and mobile optimized.  Implementation of SEO best practices and efficient site structure



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optimized ecommerce UI/UX

online registration

stylists and salon owner discount / portal