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We’re here to invite femmes and humans of all marginalized identities--to concentrate on what’s still wrong, to sense every deep-rooted discomfort, and to confront the struggles we’re up against. We’re here to celebrate ourselves, exactly as we are.

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Safe Spaces

It’s time that we start asking ourselves--am I taking part in creating spaces that make others feel unsafe, unwanted? What can I do to change that?



We are here to encourage all of us to think deeply about how we are supporting those around us, how we are creating an atmosphere in which people, regardless of their background or identity, feel like they belong.

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High School: Silence Could Be Deadly

What can we do about student mental health? So many people ask this question, and so many people are disheartened by the answers.

Chella Man  -  Instagram @chellaman

The Gender Equation

Gender roles. It’s a simple concept, right? Women don dresses and stay at home; men go to work in suits and return home just in time for their wives’ homemade casserole.


The questions we’re left with are--What does it mean to be a modern woman? What does it mean to be a modern man? What the hell does it mean to be a modern anything?

Modern Family  -  Photofest

Modern Family - Photofest

Non-Traditional Family Norms

From podcasts, to blogs, to Instagram accounts, to news stories, the conversation around what it means to be “normal,” or more importantly, what it means to have value, is growing. Here are some people that work hard to keep this conversation going.


RBG v. Kavanaugh

RBG v. Kavanaugh: How hard is it to become a Supreme Court Justice? It’s certainly not easy, but it’s certainly not equal.